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Unveiling the science behind shark bite mitigation. Explore Aqua Armour's consulting expertise, delve into the innovative technology they recommend, and gain insights from comprehensive shark bite statistics. This resource collection empowers you to make informed decisions for wearer safety.

Could a wetsuit save you from a shark bite?

Considering the effectiveness of wetsuits in shark encounters? This article explores the limitations of traditional wetsuits while highlighting the potential of innovative design approaches.

Learn more about Aqua Armour's consulting focus on innovative wetsuit design solutions for the industry.


Protection against Shark Bites

Researchers propose a new type of shark-resistant wetsuit made from fiber-reinforced composites. This material is strong and flexible, and it could withstand the bite forces of a shark. Future research is needed to develop a wetsuit that is comfortable and practical for divers.


This is an article about a database of shark-human interactions in Australia. It discusses the data collection methods and what information is included. The database is designed to be a resource for researchers, conservationists, and policymakers. It can be used to study trends in shark bites, such as location and time of day. The hope is that this information will help reduce the number of future incidents.


How likely are you to survive a shark bite and where is it most likely to occur? These ideas are explored in this paper as well as bite location and where in Australia the happen.

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