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As great ideas do, this project was born over coffee.


Chris is a neuroscientist and anatomist, and as an enthusiastic surfer he grew concerned about the increasing number of shark attacks reported in Australia and beyond. He contacted his friend material scientist Thomas and this conversation sparked the search for a non-intrusive technology that provides protection against sharks. From the outset, it was imperative to us that our technology does not harm marine life – after all we are visitors to their habitat. 


Over the past 3 years, our team of experts has worked on a wetsuit that provides protection against injury from shark bites. Throughout 2022, we have rigorously developed our wetsuit and are soon ready to launch this awesome technology.


The Team


Dr. Thomas Fiedler


Thomas is lead scientist for R&D of the wetsuits. His research at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany) and University of Aveiro (Portugal) spans years of expertise in advanced composite materials for personal protection.

dr. Chris Dayas

Community Engagement & Anatomic Design

Chris is a passionate surfer and instigated the project in 2015. His extensive expertise in human anatomy enabled the efficient integration of our protective material into wetsuits to ensure they feel as good as they look.


Trent Verstegen

R&D & Finance

Trent is an engineer who's contributions include material testing and the prototyping, as well as managing Aqua Armour's business affairs.

Alex Vardanega

R&D & Manufacturing

Alex is a kinesiology expert who explores advanced motion capture technologies for a comprehensive study of surfing motion sequences. He is responsible for Aqua Armour's ongoing R&D efforts.

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