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Aqua Armour Surfing Wetsuit

Our wetsuits are only expected to become available Late-2022.

Preorder now and skip the queue. As a bonus, you receive ogonig updates on our progress in creating your new favourite wetsuit! We know that life can get into the way and if you change your mind, your deposit is fully refundable. 


Introducing: Aqua Armour. The world's first wetsuit providing sharkbite protection to the shredders and divers. Aqua Armour is the safest and most reliable protection for the sea-going among us.


Imagine stepping into your favourite wetsuit, that one that's probably past its prime but is the most comfortable one you've ever owned. Now imagine doing that, but with the confidence that you're wearing the perfect synergy of comfort and protection. 

 Feels good. 

Possibly the only thing that could make it better is knowing that there's been years of dedicated research and development by a world class team of experts.

 Feels great.

Aqua Armour offers potentially life saving protection against the things that bite the hardest - reef included. It is essential to understand that our wetsuit does not completely prevent injury; Aqua Armour is specifically designed to reduce the risk of life threatening injury so that you make it back to the beach. This enables us to pair industry-leading protection with maximum comfort and offer you top performance on and off the board.

Aqua Armour Surfing Wetsuit

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